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May 1 2020
Bridal frequently asked questions

Hello Lovelies, 

I thought I would put together a list of some frequently asked questions that tend to come up when newly engaged couples begin planning, or for those couples who are just looking for some extra advice. I hope you find these tips helpful!

Pre Wedding

What should a bride be looking for when picking a makeup artist?

When trying to decide who you’re going to book for your wedding I think it’s important to do your research. You want great communication, professionalism but also a community of other industry people around them, andpieces of work in their portfolio that align with the style you want. Look around on social media, websites, magazines and talk to friends. Don’t just look in one place. Find your favourites and follow them to stay up to date with their work. They should align your vision and how you see yourself on the big day. You want to feel like you vibe with your artists.  Aside from that, always ask about what they offer and if the rates seem too good to be true, it probably is. Top tier artist rates reflect their years of experience, education, expertise and the resources they’ve built out in their kit (high end products, tools, tips, tricks etc.) as well as the communication work they put in with their brides needs.

Would you recommend Planning makeup trials with your engagement shoot?

Yes. Having a makeup trial is so incredibly important for a few reasons. Trials usually take 90 min, which is longer than a typical application so we can really delve into what look you’re wanting for your wedding day. Trials are also an opportunity to try something you’ve always wanted and a chance to build the relationship with us before the wedding. Having it coincide with your engagement shoot is also a great way to see how it photographs. If you want less, you’ll know, and if you want to go a bit more glam, go glam!
Tip - Having reference photo’s, moods and inspiration ready is a huge help to allow us to visually see your goals and desires for the finished look.

What can a bride do to help her find the perfect bridal look for her?

If a bride is unsure about what look she is wanting for the big day I would absolutely recommend booking a trial, but also booking us for other special events leading up to the big day so you have the opportunity to play freely, without worrying if it’s “the” look. Never done a red lip? Try it in your trial, not the wedding day. Want a smokey eye, but you’re unsure, maybe try it for an engagement party.  There aren’t rules as to when you should do a look, but I think having an open mind to try something different can allow brides to narrow down what they like and don’t like. Play around and have fun!

Any before wedding skin preparations?

The key to a great makeup application is having great skin. Booking facials every 4-8 weeks can absolutely help you transform your skin.
I recommend trying Province Apothecary; each facial is customized to your skin needs. But find a place that works for you. Always wear sunscreen, especially if you’re choosing to do more intense procedures on your skin (Laser treatment, peels, acids etc). Increase your water intake. Exercise to increase blood-flow. Adding collagen to your diet will help with your over all skin health, upping your dark leafy greens and vegetables and reducing your salt and sugar intake.  In the last month leading up to your wedding, do not try new products. Stick to what you know, and do not stray from that. Moisturize!

Wedding day

Do you have a method for creating a timeline in the morning for makeup?

Before creating the timeline I try to find out all the details. How many people need to get ready, does anyone need to be finished first? Will there be a first look? When are photos? ect. Having this information figured out will help us create a timeline for you.
I personally allot 45 min - 1 hour per person and then 60 - 90 min for my brides, with a small buffer time near the end where I can take photographs, touch up anyone who needs it and prepare my touchup kits for the bride and her party.  One thing to keep in mind that the schedule is a loose timeline, be flexible with it and if you need to shuffle some things around that is okay. Don’t stress. As your makeup artist we’ll do everything in our power to ensure your morning goes off without a hitch! Enjoy the morning, it’s your day.

Would you recommend scheduling time for touch ups?

Yes, morning touch ups are a given. There needs to be a moment to “finalize”, so there should be time to make sure everyone is their best before walking out the door.  Evening and afternoon touch up’s can also be very important, if the schedule allows for it. After all the excitement during the day booking a touch up time gives you the opportunity to freshen yourself up, or to even completely change your look. Some brides book it for themselves; to have a moment of peace and quiet, and other brides book it for the whole party. Talk to us and see about customizing a touch up package that works the best for your day.  Whatever you choose, your goal should be to look, feel great and enjoy the whole day.