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May 7 2020

Hello Lovelies, 

I wanted to share with you my top 5 products that I keep reaching for during isolation. Some of them are new to me and some of them have been my staples for years, none the less I am loving them each and every week and it’s the small little things in life right now that are so important to bring a little bit of joy into your life!

#1: Nudestix tinted cover foundation: Founded in Toronto, this company has some of the best products to achieve an amazing “no makeup, makeup look”.  For a few months now this has been my GO TO foundation for everyday usage. It’s lightweight, buildable and melts into the skin giving you even, silky coverage without looking or feeling like you have a lot of product on. I use shade 2.5, it has a slight yellow understone which helps conceal any redness I may have.
This retails for $43 

#2: Becca backlight primer: I’ve been using this product for 3,4 years now and it’s something that I buy time and time again for my personal makeup bag and my professional kit. It has a higher price tag but I promise you it lasts forever. It has a pearlessence sheen to it, blurring out imperfections and giving you that glow from within look. Typically you would use this before foundation or mixed a few drops into your foundation. I personally like to stipple on a couple extra drops on the highpoints of my cheeks to take that glow up a notch. When the sun hits you just right, you are glistening to the gods baby. This is a whipped liquid formula and blends out beautifully. I find it best applied with your fingers in the spots you’re wanting to target the most.
This retails for $51

#3: Province Apothecary cleanser +makeup remover: Some of you may, or may not already know but I am obsessed with everything from Province Apothecary. I use their products in my daily routine as well as visit them for regular facials every 4-8 weeks. This is their oil cleanser that feels so silky smooth and melts away your makeup instantly; making your nighttime routine that much easier. I will use this as my first step, also known as oil cleansing, before going in with a second cleanser thats targeted for a deeper clean. It has Avacado and Raspberry oil that feels and smells amazing and makes your feel like your at a spa while giving yourself a mini facial massage.
This retails for $44

#4: Farmacy honey potion mask: This product is fairly new to me and my weekly routine, but after testing it out for a few weeks now it has easily become one of the masks I find myself reaching for every time I want to level up my self care. It comes with it’s own metal spatula, so you’re never dipping right into the pot. It has a glue like texture that melts into a white cream when you begin to massage it into yourskin. What I love about it, is it begins to heat up and warm your skin, which adds a nice touch. I’ll leave this on for 10 minutes and when I wash it off my skin feels and looks visibly more plump, glowy and soft. 
This retails for $75

#5: 100 Years of love soy candle: Also Founded in Toronto, Canada this company produces some of the most delicious smelling soy candles I’ve ever come across. This particular scent “Burn Baby” is my favourite. It’s warm and inviting but very floral and uplifting at the same time.  I’ve been burning this alot  during quarantine as a start to my evening and it’s something that I really look forward to. We’ve had this candle since February and it’s only starting to dwindle now. I will definitely be stocking up on a few others. 
This retails for $30